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    Default Moderate TBI with 100% Rating

    It has been over 2 years since slip/trip/fall injury that left me with moderate Traumatic Brain Injury and have been rated at 100% through depos from doctors. They have also included me in a SPECIAL NEEDS CRONIC ILLNESS catagory. The wheels have slowed to a crawl and I'm not getting any better.

    Anyone have any advice or have had the same type injury. What can I expect???????


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    Default Re: Moderate Tbi with 100% Rating Plus a New One

    The best advice is to get an attorney...if you have one, let him/her handle your disputed issues, and the claim in general.
    Let your Dr handle your treatment.

    Because you have Dr in 'depositions' saying you are 100% disabled does not mean you are 100% disabled under the WC definition, or accepted by the ER/IC.

    What you can expect is to be provided treatment for your injury, and wage replacement until you are stable/MMI. At that point, your claim will move toward some type of resolution.

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    Default Re: Moderate Tbi with 100% Rating Plus a New One

    Brain injury cases and paralysis cases are the only types of cases in SC without limitations on the amount of time you can receive disability benefits.

    It sounds like you have any attorney. If you don't, get one. This type of case provides the largest possible exposure a IC can face. Make sure you are not short changed.

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