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    Default Settled in Court.where's the Check

    I went to court on May 27th and settled for an amount. How long does the insurance company have to pay me? Is there a set time or will this go on forever like my case!!Thanks!!

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    Default Re: Settled in Court.where's the Check

    Everything in WC moves slow.
    Was there an agreement in the stipulation/agreement on the date the payment is due.
    The court must approve any agreement the parties agree to... that takes time.
    Once that approvment issues, the carrier generally has 30 days to issue the checks.

    Call your atty, or the WC court to see if the settlement docs have been approved.

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    Default Re: Settled in Court.where's the Check

    check with your atty to see if there has been an appeal.

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    Default Re: Settled in Court.where's the Check

    Hello acbelmar,
    I agree with all statements made by both BvIA & .SH. Considering your case settled in court I would imagine the JUDGE would have signed off on it that day or shortly afterwards?? If your settlement was for total disability once all the fees were approved by the JUDGE then he typically orders the carrier to payout in one sum payment. However if your settlement was for an impairment rating these are typically paid out over a pre set amount of weeks at a set amount depending on your impairment rating(s)

    Everything considered I would tend to lean in the opinion of .SH as it will be going on 3 months soon, since the court date, when this was settled. Something is up????? Typically your lawyer will be able to get more information faster from the court than a claimant. However we are discussing Nj and unfortunately "pertner" anything is possible???

    I would call your lawyer and dont let them play the "He/She is out of the office routine or on the phone long distance. Explain what you want to his/her secretary and tell her you will call her tomorrow for his answer? That will get you your quickest reply I believe.
    I am sure you are more than ready to put this all behind you. I hope you felt your agreed settlement was fair??

    Good luck and please come back to tell us what the hold up was/is??


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