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    Default Returned to Work, then Told, They Needed Clarification O Restrictions

    I live in Illinios. I was released to work with a list of restrictions. After a week I spoke with doctor and explain after 6 hours on my feet, even with breaks, I was done. Shifts were 12 hours on feet. I had back surgery, and lost of other back problems, and most likely future surgery. The doctor changed my restriction to include shifts of only 6 hours. After another week, employer told be they needed clarification on restictions from doctor. I went back to dock, he rewrote the same restrictions and said he was sending me to functional capacity evaluation. My employer will not schedule me until after reviewing test results. It is set for over 3 weeks from now. Do I have to stay in town to receive ttd benefits? My attorney says yes, but they have no intention on scheduling me. I simple would like to visit a sick friend with terminal cancer for a week. Any suggestions? I can't afford to lose weekly ttd benefits.

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    Default Re: Returned to Work, then Told, They Needed Clarification O Restrictions

    There's nothing in the law that says that you have to stay in town, but it's the right thing to do in this instance. If you get called back for whatever reason (i.e., if the employer says that they will accommodate the restrictions) you won't be entitled to TTD if you don't show up for work. Plus, they may be getting surveillance on you. Don't know your specific restrictions but travel may or may not exceed them.
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