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    My lawyer is not active in my case.He does not respond in timely manner for
    my question or issue related to my situation. And it is getting worst.
    Slowly I want to let him know that I am not happy with his performance
    and I will have to leave him(fire him). This is a big law firm and I think they have too many cases. My case started 4 years ago.What is my resolution here?
    Should I do this and what is a proper way to do this? What are the consequences of such action?

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    Change atty any time you like. All you have to do is find another atty to take your claim.
    Not always the easiest thing to do, and easy for IW's to become labled as 'difficult'.

    AA/applicant attys take 100's of cases, the fees are limited, there isn't much they can do to move the claim any faster, IW"s do have unrealistic expectations of what the AA's can do.... any number of reasons for IW's to be frustrated. That doesn't mean the AA isn't working on your claim.

    Get a list of questions together, make an appt to see or talk to your AA, and do it all at once. Whey you call repeatedly to ask "how is my claim coming", the response is "same as last time you called. When your input is necessary... we'll let you know."

    Regardless of how many AA are involved in your claim, there will be one fee. AA fees are awarded by the court, based on the work performed.

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