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    Dear Lord, Heal our body, mind and spirit. Give us the strength to go on. Block those who try to do unethical things against us in the name of greed. Let us never forget where we are today so that we can encourage others tomorrow. Peace, blessings and have a fantastic day, month, 2012 and beyond! Amen

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    claim that she's healed and trust the lord God she is. His will be done.
    okay, ill include her in my prayers

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    may god bless her it was really sad to heard.
    this is the time she needs you the most be with her always.

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    My prayers are with you. Keep safe

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    You are not alone Bernadette. The Lord is our great comforter in times of trouble & adversity.

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    I always pray for all the humanity for good health and for good relations with each other and my prayers are always with people who are suffering from any kind of sickness.

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