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    Default Am I Entitled to Any Compensation

    Ok about 9 months ago i had an accident at work which resulted in a broken pinky finger. After 2 surgeries my finger is drooping severely and the doctor is talking about possible amputation. Would i be able to some sort of compensation for a loss of a limb due to a work related accident? Would i most likely be let go from my job if i were to pursue this?

    Also some details of the accident. I was removing a piece of equipment from a truck and while i was being rushed, forgot a step in the removal procedure which resulted in the injury. I so far haven't had to pay a cent for anything. The company has completely held up on their end.

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    Mississippi uses the 6th edition of the AMA rating guides. there might be a few percent for loss of motion/loss of grip.
    No one can accurately predict your employers future actions with regard to your job.

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    If you lose your finger/little completely through amputation, the scheduled loss is 15 weeks of PPD indemnity.

    So, once your Dr has determined you are MMI, and rated for disability/impairment, take your weekly rate, X 15 X the %. You should be close to what your claim is worth.

    Awards are not based on the type of injury or what treatment has been provided.
    In WC you are eligible for wage loss due to the injury, medical care, and indemnity based on loss of earning capacity or reduced ability to compete in the open labor market.

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