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    Default Washout Settlement Hearing

    I have just received notice from my former employer's attorneys for a "Washout Settlement Hearing". I am unrepresented and agreed to a settlement, signed contracts, and have been waiting. I am fine with the amount of my settlement and the stipulations of the settlement and I am just wondering what this washout settlement hearing is.
    Do I have to be present for this hearing? If so, what will happen and what can I expect?
    These may be dumb questions and I wonder if I may end up regreting not hiring an attorney, but the settlement was extremenly fair and I decided to settle without being represented and I am just wondering what this hearing is all about and how I should prepare.
    I was told a Judge would have to approve the settlement but I was not aware of the need for a hearing. Again, this is my fault for not hiring an attorney, but the time for that has come and gone and I am now on my own.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Washout Settlement Hearing

    maybe the judge just wants to make sure you understand the agreement.
    if the notice doesn't explain or give any other issues contact the board for details.

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    Default Re: Washout Settlement Hearing

    No worries, such a hearing is required under Florida law when you are unrepresented. The Judge has to make a finding on the record that the settlement is voluntary and in your best interest. The E/C's attorney will be at the hearing on their behalf. The Judge will ask you a series of questions -- did you read and understand the paperwork, do you understand that once you settle your claim it's over, is anyone forcing you to settle, etc. Sounds like you are happy with the amount and you understand what's going on so you should be all set. The hearing lasts 15 minutes or so. You will have to go in person to the hearing unless you call with a reasonable excuse beforehand and the judge excuses you from a live appearance.

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