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    Default Still Haven't Got Anything from Workmens Comp

    ok so i got hurt on april 11 2010. i ended up needing back surgery and i am still waiting for the workmen insurance company to make a decision. i was told that i should of at leaset recieved some type of payment within 10 days of my claim. i am still out of work and dont even know if i have a job to go back to. i am so freacked out and very confused about what do to and what is going to happen. if anybody can give me some advise i could really use it. thanks elealady.

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    Default Re: Still Havent Got Anything from Workmens Comp

    Call a lawyer now!!!

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    Default Re: Still Haven't Got Anything from Workmens Comp

    you definitely need to hire a fast as you can

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