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    Unhappy Second Injury Fund

    i am currently receiving pay from the ins co and at my last dr vist i was told i could return to light duty(no repetitive work-i have bilateral carpal tunnel) my dr said just answering the phone. ins co sent me for a dme in july and i just received a letter to terminate my benefits, i am supposed to have another surgery in sep-oct on rt hand. my attorney said i would be paid from the second injury fund until the hearing so i tried to research it some but i am very confused about how it works. can anyone explain it to me? thanks

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    when a worker with a prior injury has a work injury it can result in great disability for the worker then the work injury alone. (example:a one eyed man has an injury to his remaining good eye).
    the employer is not liable for the increased disability due to the presence of the pre-existing injury (the employer will only have to pay for the loss of one eye even though the man may end up blind)
    the blind man will receive benefits from the second injury fund to make up the difference.
    that way the employer pays their share and the worker gets full benefits.

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    Default Re: Second Injury Fund

    thank you for the info. one more ? does the second injury fund pay the same amount the i/c paid each week?

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