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    Default Will a Job Offer Affect Settlement

    I have been on W.C. for a year and receiving payments. I may have a job offer that is temporary, 40 hours a week, and light to medium duty. If I except this offer will it affect my settlement ( if offered) ? I do have an attorney for W.C.and 3rd party suit.

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    Default Re: Will a Job Offer Affect Settlement

    What do you mean ''affect settlement''....?
    In WC you are paid benefits while you cannot perform your job functions, are receiving treatment and recovering.
    When you reach MMI, you'd be released, possibly rated for impairment, and your claim move to some type of resolution. All based on the WC statutes. You may be eligible for other benefits, ie. VR services if offered.

    IW's are encouraged to return to work soon as possible. Going back to work with your pre injury ER, or elsewhere would affect your wage loss benefits. You can't work for wages and be paid wage loss at the same time.

    If you haven't been released by your Dr to RTW, you should discuss this with him/her first.
    And, you should be discussing how this may affect your claim with your attorney/s. They have the file, they know what the facts are here. People on a message board can't second guess what atty may have in mind.

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    Default Re: Will a Job Offer Affect Settlement

    In PA MMI means next to nothing. You are not released and your wage loss benefits do not stop. You are not even sent for an impairment rating. You are only sent for an impairment rating after receipt of 104 weeks of total disability benefits and then you must have reached MMI for the IRE to be performed. Your claim is not resolved at MMI and your claim for benefits, both wage loss and medical, can potentially continue for the rest of your life despite a finding of MMI.

    Having finished my rant, the answer to your question is of course a return to work will impact settlement value. Settlement value in WC is based on projected future liability for both wage loss and medical, so a demonstration of residual earning ability will impact settlement value. Talk to your lawyers before making any decision regarding a return to work.
    Timothy D. Belt, Esquire
    Helping injured workers in Northeast Pennsylvania.

    DISCLAIMER: This post is intended as general information applicable only to the state of Pennsylvania. The information given is based strictly upon the facts provided. This post is not intended to create an attorney client relationship, or to provide any specific guarantee of confidentiality.

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    Default Re: Will a Job Offer Affect Settlement

    Timothy Belt
    In PA MMI means next to nothing. You are not released and your wage loss benefits do not stop.
    I've been saying this for years, yet people still sell the bull about MMI means your benefits stop and you're expected to return to work.

    I bet I have over 50 post clarifying what MMI means, there's no reason why anyone shouldn’t know the meaning by now.
    I might start deleting any post that misrepresents the meaning of MMI - people should know better by now, it's getting very irritating - KNOCK IT OFF!!!!

    Moderator Responses are based on my personal bias, experience and research - They do not represent the views of the admin nor may be accepted in the legal community, always consult an attorney.

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