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    Default Difficulty Finding an Attorney - Possibly Due to Fraud on the Part of WC Carrier

    My situation is complicated but I'll try to be as brief as possible. I actually left Oregon due to an impossible situation there. My problems began in 2006 when I was told they could take a new look at closed claims. I've been medically retired for several years. This also coincided with a new CMS (for my self-insured employer) taking over from another company, and with the breakup of a 20 year relationship, a very painful time in my life. They altered some of my medical records, e.g., had doctors rewrite reports. They also met with doctors and their staff and told them incorrect info about me - misconstrued remarks by other doctors and even downright lies - and basically twisted & presented info that was either untrue or taken out of context. One doctor even told me (in front of a witness) that he/she was TOLD to write a report a certain way.

    To make things worse, info from another person with my name got mixed in with mine, and that person was a former drug addict with a specific mental illess that I do not have. Since I have had depression, they started to focus on that angle. I get medical care only, mainly medication, but they started controlling doctors. They got my doctor to dump me, and more. Well i'll write more later, but what do you do when lawyers are unwilling to take a case? My old one is unavailable.

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    Default Re: Difficulty Finding an Attorney - Possibly Due to Fraud on the Part of WC Carrier

    No doubt everyone is sorry for the situation you find yourself in... however, you have't provided enough information to tell what your situation is at this point...

    There are always three sides to every claim... how the IW perceives the ER/IC sees it... and of course the way things actually ''are''....

    If you have proof of anyone "doctoring" or altering your medical records... you may have a very serious situation on your hands... however, the 'proof' burden in upon you...

    THere are too many "ifs" in this one... can't help... simply don't know based on the info you provide.

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