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    Question Reopening a Claim That Was Denied

    My wife works for AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange Service) contracted by the federal government.
    Her workers comp. claim was denied. Can she re-open her case?

    Lastly, correct me if I wrong by virtue of coming under the federal govt heading she has 3 years in which to file a claim or is it also by virtue she is "contracted" it's only 1 year.


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    Default Re: Reopening a Claim That Was Denied

    denial doesn't mean closed.
    she can appeal to the comp court.

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    Default Re: Reopening a Claim That Was Denied

    You didn't say when the DOI/Date Of Injury ....if the appeal to the denial was not timely, within the dispute timeframe in the comp rules, she has no further appeal rights. You'll have to check that SOL/Statute Of Limitations.
    Regardless of the timeframe to file a claim for WC benefits, that isnt' the same as dispute/appeal rights.

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