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    Default Workplace Injury to Face and Teeth

    This is what happened. Any advice? Am I doing all that I should?

    I was injured at work and I have a workman's comp claim. The injury was to the face caused by a pry bar hitting it. the pry bar chipped and knocked loose teeth, broke my jaw three times and scarred my lip and chin. The scar to my lip is not very noticeable to the eyes but the lip has a painful lump. The scar to the chin is visible and also still painful. My jaw needed surgery to put it back in place. Plates and pins were placed and the jaw was wired shut. It will be unwired next week after being wired for four weeks total. I will then need ongoing treatment for the recovery of my jaw and treatment to fix my teeth. I had no trouble getting workman's comp.

    What I need counseling for is in regards to compensation regarding the scarring to the face and the damaged teeth. The scarring to the face has caused anxiety in me along with the teeth being chipped I am embarrassed to face people. Is this something that I can get compensated for and/or plastic surgery on the scar?

    Should I get a lawyer? Or will workmans comp address this all anyways?

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    Default Re: My WC Case. Am I Doing All I Should Be

    You really need to consult with an atty.
    All claims are addressed based on the merits of the claim. The amount or type of injury is not compensable.
    You are paid indemnity based on impairment or reduced earning capacity due to the residual partial disability due to the injury.

    The AZ WC act may or may not provide for the benefits you question... again, an atty can answer these question for you.
    Do not expect your ER/IC or CA/claims adjuster to be looking out for your best interests....their goal is to close the claim with as little financial exposure as possible. that's not in your best interests.

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    Default Re: My WC Case. Am I Doing All I Should Be

    yes teeth are covered.
    anxiety & embarassment are psychological conditions and will require medical evidence to support benefits.
    yes plastic surgery can be covered. you need to request an evaluation.
    if there is a permanent facial scarring that cannot be reduced there are additional benefits available.
    if there is a dispute over obtaining such services you may litigate the issue with the comp court.
    the workers compensation carrier will address those issues if they are informed/requested.
    you need physicians to evaluate and make treatment recommendations. discuss a referral with your doctors.

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    Default Re: My WC Case. Am I Doing All I Should Be

    what was the final outcome of your case?? i have a very similar case pending and im not sure what to expect.. very intrested in your results

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    Default Re: My WC Case. Am I Doing All I Should Be

    Dbesca, you might find better answers to start a new thread. As this original post is well over a year old I doubt the OP is coming back to respond. You may want to try to private message drpebbles and see if s/he is still reading here. There is an option for this site to have notification to one's regular email but not everyone chooses that option. Good luck to you.
    "He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client"
    Abraham Lincoln

    Take Care and Be Well.

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