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    Question NCM and HIPAA

    Does a ncm have to follow HIPPA regulations in regards to providing the injured worker with a copy of their medial record If requested?

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    Default Re: Ncm and Hippa

    Hipaa doesn't require NCM to provide medical records to workers with a work comp claim.
    Hipaa doesn't apply to workers compensation.

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    The HIPAA Privacy Rule does not apply to entities that are either workers’ compensation insurers, workers’ compensation administrative agencies, or employers, except to the extent they may otherwise be covered entities. However, these entities need access to the health information of individuals who are injured on the job or who have a work-related illness to process or adjudicate claims, or to coordinate care under workers’ compensation systems. Generally, this health information is obtained from health care providers who treat these individuals and who may be covered by the Privacy Rule. The Privacy Rule recognizes the legitimate need of insurers and other entities involved in the workers’ compensation systems to have access to individuals’ health information as authorized by State or other law. Due to the significant variability among such laws, the Privacy Rule permits disclosures of health information for workers’ compensation purposes in a number of different ways.
    NCM's don't keep medical records on any IW.
    Providers/Dr's comppile medical records, and provide them to the qualifying entities.
    HIPAA info is here

    If you require copies of any medical records, request them from the provider.

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