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    Some states permit "pools" of ER's who wish to be self insured, but not stand alone. Groups/pools can be formed.
    Usually ER's in the same line of business...general contractors, defense cont, etc. Just depends on the amount of exposure they may face, or the premium costs.
    Being self insured lets an ER continue to use the money they would otherwise pay a carrier for the liability coverage.
    Depending on the claims experience, this could potentially save a huge amount of money over any given period of time.

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    I have been dealing with GB for over three years now and there is no hope , I AM HOPING THIS WILL BE OVER SOON

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    I know the feeling. But you only have two choices, quit or fight. I try to be realistic an tell myself it will be over when its done and try to go through the day without thinking about comp. some days are easier then others. Good luck to you.

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