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    Default Partial Disability Offer

    I live in pa and my claim is in de. my dr released me to light duty, no repetitive hand use on either side, a weight limit under 10lbs and so on, he basically said answer the phone and greet customers. ic is telling my attorney that I can work at walmart as a greeter or a security guard? (my employer does not have a light duty position for me) anyway the ic wants to pay me around 100.00 a week which is alot less than what I was making before injury. my question is how much should i be paid for partial disability? My attorney told me 2/3 of the differnce from what I was making and what I could, I also looked at de's web site and read it the same way but the figures don't add up and my attorney seems to think it is right,I did send my attorney a email with my figures and questions and am waiting to hear back from him. any thoughts or comments are appreciated. also attorney said we could try to get the 300 weeks commuted to a lump sum and if we did it would not close my case and if i get a surgery in the future that i may need i could still do that and even go back on total disability while recovering, does that sound right?

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    disability award is separate from medical.
    converting periodic payments into a single one doesn't affect the medical benefit.

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    All claims are subject to the variables and facts surrounding the specific IW... the best advice...listen to your attorney... my attorney seems to think it is right...your atty knows the laws/rules, and the facts of your claim.
    Anything here would be second guessing what your atty has told you.

    Basically... no one here can verify, or dispell what you've already been told by your atty.

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