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    just wondering how long does it take to start getting ttd checks after doc has taken me off work and if those days are in working days are just straight days yhanks for any help

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    what is ttd payment and in which check after doc has taken.

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    How much am I going to get paid under workers’ compensation?

    Based upon an approved claim, and after the 3-day waiting period, payment will be 66 2/3% of the employee’s average weekly wage subject to the maximum and minimum. This is also depending on the authorized treating physician’s approval of the missed days from work.

    How is an injured workers’ average weekly wage (AWW) determined?

    AWW is calculated using your earnings for the 52 weeks prior to the injury and reportable on a Federal W-2 form. If an employee has not been employed for 52 weeks, the employer may base the AWW on a similarly situated employee. AWW is subject to the State maximum at the time of injury.

    Earnings during last 52 weeks 52 weeks = AWW

    How long do I have to wait before my first check?

    Code of Alabama, 1975 25-5-59 (b) - After the 3-day waiting period, the indemnity period or disability period starts on the 4th day you are out of work. Payment of compensation benefits should be paid within 30 days after it becomes due unless there is a sufficient reason it has not been paid.

    Is there a waiting period before I start receiving pay? Will I get the 3-days’ back or do I lose them?

    Code of Alabama, 1975 25-5-59 - There is a 3-day waiting period. You will receive the 3-days back only if you are out of work for a period of time exceeding 21 days.

    Can a workers’ compensation claim be denied if the injured worker refuses to submit to a drug/alcohol screen?

    Code of Alabama, 1975 25-5-51 - Yes, no compensation shall be allowed if the employee refuses to submit to or cooperate with a blood or urine test.
    More on WC in AL here

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    2-3 weeks after they are notified by doctor.
    first 3 days are paid after 21 days of disability.
    calendar days.

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