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    Default What to Do if Doctor Returns You to Work B4 Ur Ready

    Had a completely torn rotator cup from a fall at work 6mo ago. Been doing work conditioning for 4 wks now. Have a drs appt.coming up this week. I'm still in pain and very weak in my arm and shoulder, not to mention the popping upon movement. My Question is, What if the dr. releases me to return to work before i'm ready? I ask this because I get the impression that he is being pressured by the wci to do so. Ive worked very hard in PT as I am in Work conditioning but gaining strength on that side has been a slow process. My job is very physical. I have to lift and carry 80lbs and there is no light or limited duty assignments for my job. What recourse would i have if Im returned to work? I appreciate your helpfull responses. Thankyou

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    Default Re: What to Do if Doctor Returns You to Work B4 Ur Ready

    see another dr , i went back and got hurt worse,, have to have same surgery again , now im seeing another dr for the shoulder surgery this coming mon ,,, so get another opinoin,,please.

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    Default Re: What to Do if Doctor Returns You to Work B4 Ur Ready

    You should discuss this fully with your Dr.
    If you are MMI/Max Med Improvement, you can be released to RTW, with restrictions.
    Or, you can be RTW before MMI in a modified job position. That doesn't mean modified to your pre injury job, but something the ER can provide for you until you are MMI.

    And...Its not up to the IW to determine whether you are ready to RTW or not. It's a medical determination. I have to think few IW's are actually ready to RTW when the Dr says so. Everyone would like a little more time to recover.

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