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    Default AFLAC Short-Term Disability

    Does AFLAC pay short term disability when you are injured at work in California? I've read conflicting things online. I am receiving WC, but I have been paying my premiums for AFLAC for years. If I can use it I will. Please share your experiences. Thanks for your input.
    Allison in California

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    Default Re: Have You Used Aflac in California


    You can be paid disability benefits from any source you qualify...just fill out a claim form.
    But... when you are receiving WC, you may be eligible for SDI/State Disability, and/or the STD/LTD.
    The carrier/AFLAC will be in third position though, the WC first, paying 66.66% of your average gross wage, SDI second, may or may not pay a higher rate, if that is the case, SDI would pay to the max, then AFLAC.. which probably won't pay due to the maximum benefit amount in the policy coverage...and WC/SDI offsets.

    If you are being denied/delayed WC/TTD benefits, apply for SDI first...that will protect your date of entitlement in the event you need the benefits later on once the TTD/104 weeks toll... then the STD/LTD.

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    Default Re: Have You Used Aflac in California

    You need to request a copy of your policy from AFLAC and apply for STD ASAP as there are deadlines to apply for both STD and LTD policies. Not all STD and LTD policies cover work related injuries, and you will only know when you ask for a copy of your policy and apply.

    You have most likely read conflicting information on-line due to the fact that there are many different policies out there. Some cover work related injuries and some do not. The name of the insurance carrier is irrelevant, what is relevant is your policy with them.

    You stated you have been paying for the policy for years. This means this is non-taxable income that is not recognized by social security as income. Ifyour employer paid for the policy then it would be taxable income.You should apply ASAP for your STD from AFLAC as there may or may not be cut off dates to apply.

    Also, know that many people are denied LTD from insurance carriers in bad faith. It is estimated only 6% of those denied by their LTD carrier fight the denial. To them it is a numbers game. If your AFLAC policy covers work related injuries and you are denied, I recommend consulting with a law firm that deals with LTD carriers.

    Even if you do not qualify for coverage now from AFLAC due to TTD payments...still apply because there is a 104 week cut off in California for TTD payments. If you have a serious injury, then AFLAC will help when the TTD is cut off (if your policy covers work related injuries). I have read stories from posters who waited too long to apply for their STD and LTD and were not allowed to receive it due to failure to apply within their policies time limits.

    I also recommend applying for state disability as BvIA mentioned above, and requesting a complete copy of your policy from AFLAC, and apply for STD.
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