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    Default Workers Comp Sucks

    The term gang raped is just a expression of how I feel,like raped of my rights.
    Not to offend or upset anyone,absolutley not my intentions.It just seems like no matter who you talk to,the employee's best interests are not even valid, its all about the tax dollars the buisness can generate for the states and gov.The only ppl who are supossed to help you (aka attny) are only worried about how they can make a quick settlement (take the 20-80k and get lost kid).The monies you get better last or you will be panhandling in the streets in your wheel chair,if you can even afford one and sleeping under the bridge!!!!The entire system is bullshit not for the employee at all,more for the buisness and goverments.
    Well my credit score is 450 or less right now so a chapter 7 is in my near future!!!
    Maybee I should change my name to pissed off and rdy to go postal!!!J/K lol

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Sucks

    I understand how you feel. I, too, have to file chapter 7. Before all this happened, I was working 2 jobs (65 hours a week) and paying down my bills like mad. I wanted so badly to reach the end of the long tunnel of debt and it was all for naught. I litterly paid my bills twofold because most of what I was paying was interest. It was just about 3 months before I would reach the point where I would be paying some principle that my injury occured. You know what? Not one of these m..f*ers would show a bit of mercy. I litterally killed myself for nothing. So, compared to that.....WC is nothing. My debtors have beat me down emotionally enough, that I am at a point that whatever WC does to me is child's play. I saved enough to pay my bankruptcy attny and I am doing it. Because, after all, zero minus zero equals zero.

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Sucks

    Its horrible what they put people through and with the educated injured workers who don't cave in to the IC at least were a pain in the ass to them. I just can't imagine the amount of people who end up giving up or caving in. I go to the hearing and see injured people take settlements that I'd never want to but on advice of counsel, even though I'd love to take them aside and tell them to hold out that it will work out in the long run but they have families and responsibilities and it isn't my business to butt into theirs. Thus, my participating on this forum. I'm not the more intelligent, nor do I profess to be but I can attempt to help others with the knowledge of being injured and through the IC loops for many years!
    I've spent my savings, needed bankruptcy relief albeit the one that consolidated my bills allowing me to pay them back and i could have wiped them clean but didn't feel it was correct to allow the IC to cause others to be affected by me not paying my fair share. Never have had a credit card nor expensive toys but needed assistance paying bills, mortgage, car payment and student loans!

    I say keep up the good fight and someday the persistence will pay off, Lord willing! At least my medicals are paid which could easily be five figures a year, if not more!!
    Knowledge is a beneficial tool for the injured worker!

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