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    We moved to Florida and I have to agree with JP56 with everything he posted was what happened to my wife, also as far as IME goes my wife had 3 of them and they were all done in Florida so dont worry about that either. We said we would fly back to NY for the IME but they didnt want to pay for the flight or hotel bill which her ATTORNEY said would be the only way she would go back to NY for the IME. It was hard to find a Dr to treat her here but just keep after them and it will happen, as far as your biweekly checks hers never missed a beat but she is on the direct deposit option so it wasnt a problem. Enjoy the new move it worked out great for us here in Florida.
    I have a question, how did your wife manage, to get on direct deposit? I wrote letters and even went in person to the adjuster and was told, I can not get Workmens Comp direct deposit. I also relocated to Milton Florida, and I am having a lot of trouble finding a Doctor that handles NYC Workmen Comp.

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    I'm in a similar situation with no guidance. I haven't been able to find any doctors in the greater Seattle area that are willing to take an out of state worker's compensation claim. I moved to WA to be with my daughter because I can no longer take care of myself due to my injuries. My attorney in RI hasn't been very helpful in making the transition, and am even unsure if I should be contacting the insurance company to find out how to go about in finding a new doctor in WA. I'm sure they deal with this on a regular basis? I'm not the first one to move out of state with an active worker's comp claim? At a loss as to what to do here. At least my attorney has been helpful enough to notify worker's comp that I'm moving and to forward the checks to my new address. Any guidance would be appreciated!

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    how to go about in finding a new doctor in WA.]
    my attorney has been helpful enough to notify worker's comp that I'm moving and to forward the checks to my new address.
    You guys need to be coordinating these moves with your treating doctor just like you coordinated with the carrier to get your checks forwarded.
    If you gave advance notice to him and the carrier, they would give you a referral to a doctor in the state you're moving to.
    If you keep the threating doctor and carrier in the dark, they can't assist with your move.

    Why do you guys pick up and move without worrying about where you're going to get medical care or your next prescription?
    At your last appointment, what did you tell your doctor when he scheduled your next appointment? - You never mentioned you where moving and need a refferal?
    No doctor will see you without a referral, your medical records and an approval from the carrier, all of which could've been done before you moved.

    Now that you've created this mess, you'll have to go without medical or pay out of pocket until you can get things in the order they should be.
    I know of no doctor in America that will see a patient just because he's on comp - So the answer to "what doctor is willing to take an out of state worker's compensation claim" - the answer is none, they don't see patients on that basis alone.

    Also if you guys are on opioids, you had to sign a narcotics contract which states you're to keep your doctor informed of any change in circumstance, moving without notice would be a violation and cause to terminate care.

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