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    nothing in WC claim moves fast, in fact snails are indy 500 drivers...
    You have to assume the process is moving at the normal rate, you are anxious because the checks are not timely as you expect.

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    Yep , Im slowly learning. Ive learned to give 10-14 days AFTER my lawyer says they've faxed them anything before I start to expect anything.

    Doctors visit went well today. Although I didnt get to explain my shoulder and back symptoms to my doctor(He's quick and straight to the point. Ive decided I will call in and let them know my symptoms over the phone so maybe they will put it in my charts?). I did mention it to his nurse. I have another appt in 4 weeks and we will discuss the next surgery option for my finger and possibly the pins and screws after that.

    Thanks for the help guys!

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    Very common on long drawn out cases where the injured person doesn't recover sooner than they expect them to! I have heard of this happening quite frequently. One guy went back to work n was fired. Same day he rec. A letter stating they reopened his wc file case? Games to get you to stress out n find another job or fire you.....good luck n stay on top of your atty. Ask tons of questions and be prepared for incoming crap to land on your head! Game to them but real live possible living on the side walk or back at parents place?

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