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Thread: PPD vs PTD

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    Default PPD and LTD issues in Oklahoma

    I have received 45 weeks of PPD in Oklahoma and I have been on LTD through a LTD insurance and i'm on my 1st appeal for SSD at this time. The Hartford which is my LTD carrier wants to count my PPD money as income because the State of Oklahoma now awards a a % of PPD from the max of PTD of 500 weeks. I have just received letter from the Hartford that they are now going to hold my LTD payments until I catch up a little over $10,000. I have been arguing with them that they are trying to make the WC PPD as TTD which would be income.

    I never received any TTD from my injury at work because I went back to work the next day and tried therapy for 6 weeks on my time and the injury wasn't getting better and their Dr released me to go back to work after therapy but injury was not getting better so I had to hire attoney to get another Dr to take a look at me. It was determined that I was not a canidate for surgery so the attorney got me rated and what I thought was woo hoo PPD for a little over $10.,000 to pay bills from not working the past 14 months and only receiving 50% of my income from LTD. I finally had my head above water until 2 weeks ago when I received that letter from The Hartford.

    I'm now in a worse situation until that amount has been paid back to them or my SSD gets approved before that period of time. The Hartford will not send me a copy of my policy and they state I need to get it from my employer which I do not work for at this time. I contacted them for a copy and they stated I needed to get it from The Hartford. I feel like I'm in a no win situation at this time. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: PPD and LTD issues in Oklahoma

    Have your atty get a copy of the policy. Your ER should not have a problem providing that to you.. if they were paying the premiums.
    If you were paying the premiums... then the Hartford owes a copy of the policy. You can also file a complaint over the LTD with the Dept of Insurance in your state if they are refusing a copy of the policy.
    I thought was woo hoo PPD for a little over $10.,000 to pay bills from not working the past 14 months
    You can of course do whatever you want with the cash... but PPD is not "wage replacement''...

    Before you can determine what your next step need a copy of that policy... PPD may be included as "income" for LTD purposes...


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