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    Default How to Find a Doctor Who Takes Workers Comp

    My State is TX

    Is there anyone from Houston on this site? I am looking for a Orthopedic who will accept WC. My WC injury is 20 years old can't seem to find anyone who will accept WC that old. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Re: Doctor

    Gotya, you are seriously confusing me. Earlier today you posted on the TN board that you were in TN???? So which is it Tennessee or Texas? You know that WC IS state specific and for anyone here to attempt to help you we need to know what state your WC claim is in and/or if you still live in that state or have moved to another one.
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    Default Re: Doctor

    I live in TX. WC in TN.

    Maybe I didn't make myself clear, will go back and read. Thanks

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    Default Re: Doctor

    [QUOTE=gotcha;156245]I live in TX. WC in TN.

    If your employer is in TN and you were injured in TN, you need to refer to TN law, as it should fall out of the TX jurisdiction and will be reimbursed according to TN jurisdiction.

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