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    Question When Can You Reopen an Old Workers' Comp Case

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: NY
    I injured my knee in 2000 (torn meniscus). After surgery I was allotted only 8 visits to the physical therapist. I never regained full use of the knee in terms of flexibility. The knee has never been able to straighten out more than 85%-90% when compared to the good (not injured knee).
    Doctor said that the tear was too large to try and sew. Because of that they just cut the piece of meniscus out.
    I thought I was doing the right thing (keeping employers insurance costs down) by not asking for more treatment. I remember getting some mail asking that i agree that the case was closed.
    Problem is that the knee still bothers me. I have had to stop doing tree work (cant climb anymore because it hurts too much) and selling firewood (knee gets extremely sore and swells). Both of these were secondary jobs that I did to make extra money with.

    Can I go back to the insurance company and ask that my case be reopened? Am I allowed some type benefit for the loss of use to my left knee?
    Completely in the dark. Never thought I would be in a situation like this.
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    Default Re: Want to Reopen Case from 2000. Not Sure if I Can

    as long as you didn't sign a section 32 buyout agreement there maybe additional benefits available.
    it will all depend on medical opinion. discuss it with your doctor and make sure they will support the connection to your prior comp injury. if so then you can file.
    more information here

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