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    Default How to Calculate a Worker's Comp Award

    Calculation of the award is a relatively simple formula:

    1. percentage of loss multiplied by the total number of weeks

    2. the number of weeks multiplied by the claimant's compensation rate

    3. equals the total dollar amount of the benefit.

    My question is how does the % determine the # of weeks and what is the claimants compensation rate, is that what I received for benefits while I was out of work? Just trying to get an understanding of all of this.

    Thanks for the help.

    In September I will be seeing Ortho again at which time he says he thinks he will be able to give a determination for the % of loss, he wants to xray my ankle and see what the difference is from 2/09 too now is after the infection and the RSD that keeps getting worse.

    Just want to make sure I understand it before I see him in September.

    Thanks again for the help, I am really confused on this right now.

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    Default Re: the Calculation

    the doctor determines the percentage loss.
    the state law determines the weeks and the rate

    see Section 281-A:32

    more here

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    Default Re: the Calculation

    I have read everything on that website several times and I just don't understand how the calculations works. I know that the doctor decided's the % but they way I say it was you take the % multiply it but the predetermined number for the body part, ex. arm 210, and that gives you your weeks. That doesn't make sense to me.

    The example I saw was:
    10% was the loss the doctor determined .10X210=21 weeks, compensation rate was $325: 21X325=$6825... that calculation doesn't make sense to me. I will wait for the lawyer to explain it to me, thanks for the help.

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