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    Default Mediation Comming Up and Im Confused About It

    I was injured on the job and my employer did not have WC coverage, so i had to file through the state. I have a mediation coming up soon and I have no clue what im supposed to do at it. My employer is trying to say i was not on the job site when I was injured and im not sure if thats going to damper me getting WC or anything.
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Mediation Comming Up and Im Confused About It

    generally you'll supply information.
    they are likely to want you to describe the accident, the injury, your treatment and disability as well as any prior medical conditions and/or disability.
    you should have any employment records and pay stubs that'll show your employment and wages..
    for more information contact the Work Comp Administration
    the HELPLINE at: 1-866-967-56
    or you can contact the mediators secretary

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