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    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: illinois i must admit i'm a little confused. is it 12 months of service or 1250 hours or both? if i file an injury claim before 12 months or 1250 hrs. or both can they deny me work. comp? or is that for medical leave. thank you.

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    FMLA coverage requirements do not control or limit workers compensation claims; they are two separate systems.

    here are the FMLA requirements

    you can contact the phone numbers at the bottom of the link for more detailed information as to how it might apply to your particular case.

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    You can also find a FAQ for employers here
    The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) statute does not contain any direct reference to workers’ compensation injuries, and employers did not receive specific guidance on the topic until the April 1995 final regulations. However, since most workers’ compensation leaves are covered under the FMLA, an employer’s failure to treat these leaves as FMLA leaves can lead to inadvertent violations of the statute’s requirements. To help navigate the complicated legal maze of the FMLA and workers’ compensation, the Editors have identified eight frequently asked questions on this topic. The answers are based on analyses of the FMLA, its regulations, court cases, Department of Labor Wage and Hour opinion letters, and discussions with HR and legal experts.
    The FAQ's will help you understand the overlaps of FMLA/ADA/EEOC

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    Lakota6, in your other thread titled FMLA I gave you the link and quoted what the statues says. Personally IF it were me I would make darn good and sure I was covered by the FMLA before I said anything about the CTS to the ER. IF you are taken out of work or your work duties restricted, don't matter IF it under WC or your personal insurance BTW, your ER can terminate you for attendance issues or just about any other excuse they care to drum up IF you are not eligible for FMLA. And at that you only have 12 weeks of protection for your job and employer sponsored benefits.

    Good luck to you regardless of how you end up having to do this. I had bilateral CTS and had to have the release surgery for both of them. Also I waited so long to get my surgery that I developed trigger fingers/thumb and had to have those released as well. Try not to wait any longer than absolutely necessary to have your CTS treated.
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