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    Hello i am new to the forum. Well i hurt my lower back in 2008 on the job. I saw a dr. on many occasions that gave me treatment to ease the pain, the first treatment he billed wc and released me to return to work. I was not aware he was charging my insurance for the other treatments.
    He finally refered me to a specialist in 2009 witch immediately told me i could not lift more then 10lbs so i couldnt return to my job. Wc sent me checks for the time i was off work but not sure how much it was at this moment.
    This dr. gave me two epidural shots to try to ease the pain. Then wc referred me to their dr. for evaluation. He too told me i couldnt lift more then 10lbs. He told me i needed to have surgery. Well i finally had an l4-5 microdiscectomy in 2010, and from the dr. opinion i am now at my mmi. Well he gave me 10% disability in my lower back.
    Well i finally hear from wc a few months ago and they offer me under $14,500 and no future medical for this injury. Well i am not looking for "big" money by any means. I am 25 yrs old and am more worried about my future back problems then anything.
    Well i was just wondering if this offer was fair? I have no idea about wc or what i should do? Any info will be appreciated thanks

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    The payment is based on the 10% PD rating..a predetermined number of weeks indemnity. Don't know OK # of weeks, or your rate, so this may or may not be the full amount... could be a discount taken for lump sum payment.
    You can dispute the rating if you like.

    You do not have to accept the cash can take the indemnity benefits weekly, and leave the medical open.
    You can consuelor at the WC court, or a comp attorney for review of your offer.
    There are timeframes for disputing IME reports, and/or ratings.
    There could also be a mediation on your claim.
    The WC court must approve any settlement of your claim.

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    don't know enough about your medical condition and treatment needs to know if the amount is adequate.
    you need someone to go over the details of your case.
    an atty is best for that.
    contact the state bar
    you can also contact a court counselor to get information about your rights

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