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    I am at MMI. I received my disability impairment rating and am confused about what is said. My injury was to my foot/ankle. Here is what I am wanting explained in plain English -

    "The larger impairment should be awarded of 20% of the lower extremity and 10% whole person as the Range of Motion Impairment and the Diagnosis Based Impairments cannot be combined."

    My understanding that a lower leg injury is a scheduled injury. What is this about the whole person? What is a rough idea for the formula that should be used to calculate my payments?

    I am just asking for a basic explanation as to what was stated in the Impairment Rating that I can understand - in layman's terms.

    As for the idea of the formula, a "guesstimate" is fine. I do not know how this whole process works.

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    The Dr said your ratings cannot be combined... therefore, you should be eligible for scheduled body part weeks associated with the 20% and the number of weeks for WPI at 10%. If they don't dispute would be paid the weely benefits...but, the ER/IC is entitled to a rating by a Dr of their choice, so your final rating may change.
    As for the idea of the formula, a "guesstimate" is fine.
    No formula, your Dr said the ratings cannot be combined.


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