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    Default First Court Date Postponed, How Long Before Next One


    Case is in Oklahoma.

    We had a court date scheduled in July but it got postponed because the IC wanted to depose our side's VOC Eval person first. IC had 20 days to depose the person but they waited until the last minute, which caused the court date to be postponed. Everyone else submitted their reports/depositions. Atty said the next court date could possibly be in August (30 days after 1st court date) but its already past the 30 days. We have not gotten any word after that. The court hearing is for final PTD determination. Husband is on SSDI and money is very tight.

    Atty filed for Trial in April, had VOC evals for both sides in June, got the court date in July, which is now postponed.

    My question is this: How much longer are we going to have to wait? Is there a time limit/limitations on how long between court hearings/postponements before the case is finally heard?


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    Default Re: First Court Date Postponed, How Long Before Next One

    Oklahoma has a very open Workers Comp Court system. Information on how you can contact the Court Counselor's Office is here:

    They may be able to tell you what the time limits are on scheduling the hearing or in fact advise you as to whether it's been set.

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    Default Re: First Court Date Postponed, How Long Before Next One

    Hi LegEgl

    Thank you for that great link! We called that office and the information was valuable! It looks like we have a court date this month, so things may be ending soon!

    Thank you for your prompt response as it was very helpful.

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