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    Question Can I Get a Second Opinion

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Montana

    I am tired of being in pain and I really feel like the doctors aren't doing anything to make me better. In fact, I am WORSE than when I first injured myself. I am seeing a pain specialist next week. If I am as under-awed as I am with these doctors, I want a second opinion from MY doctor that is in another state. I will pay for the travel, I just want to be able to get back to work!

    I mentioned this and they are sounding like I am going to have to jump through flaming hoops to be allowed to get a second opinion. I thought I was entitled to a second opinion, am I not?

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    Default Re: Can I Get a Second Opinion

    You most likely are entitled to a second opinion, but it cannot be in another State. Montana WC laws prevail, and the provider must be in Montana.

    If you do not have legal counsel at this point, you should consider that now. As soon as the IC starts to put on the brakes, you need some legal assistance.

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    Default Re: Can I Get a Second Opinion

    Agree with legal...
    If I am as under-awed as I am with these doctors,
    you said you are seeing a pain management Dr next are in pain, not unusual to be "under-awed" by your treating physicians. I'm curious what a doctor of your choice would be able to provide outside the treatment plans of your comp Dr's.
    Pain is difficult...not always "treatable"... wait until you see the pain Dr... but do consider legal consult.

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