Insurance wants to start talking settlement. I have big restrictions, and the first one is my PTP says absolutely find a new type of work you cannot do that anymore, I am not going into all my restrictions but they are limited to 6 hr shifts, no bending, twisting, or lifting. I don't see how I can find a job anywhere. My Attorney says Vocational rehab is the worst, ever client feels like it is an invasion of their privacy. He said they will be incharge of 40 hours of my life until I find employment, and if they feel I am not being coooperative they will possibly stop payments. He says it is better to see what ball park they are in as far as settlement. He says he has been doing this for over 30 years and the adjuster has been doing it for over 25, they no how hard employing me will be and have a good idea what wage differential would be. He said it is like two master chest players that can see 12 moves ahead. I trust him, he is very good at what he does, I have talked to many of his clients, and they all said trust his judgement. Has anybody have anything good to say about vocational rehab? I like the idea of moving along and letting them figure it out, as well as future medical considerations, I want it all to end and find some level of life to live again. Anybody care to share vocational rehab stories, good or bad, so I kow what I am going to be missing?