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    My case is in DE, I have had 3 surgeries on left hand for carpal tunnel which resulted in no improvement. I have permanant work restrictions as well as sever pain everyday which is from my fingers up to shoulder. I have a terribly large scar on my wrist and i am unable to work and pretty much do anything due to the pain. (same situation on right side) anyway they gave me a rating of 8% permancy and 8% for scarring. Does this sound like a reasonable rating?

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    it depends on the rating method used.
    if the AMA guides were used then a number of different factors and findings have to be present to support the impairment.
    the rating is only as accurate as the method employed by the doctor and whether the rating method was used correctly.
    the AMA guides do not directly rate pain but rely on more objective criteria.
    you can request another exam.

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