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    I just talked to another attorney and she said you cannot get pain and suffering on a workers comp claim in the State of Indiana.
    WC doesn't pay pain/suffering in any state.
    WC is about benefits...medical, wage replacement, and impairment/partial disability due to the injury.

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    Indiana is also a future medical state - don't forget that.
    Matthew Golitko, Esq. - Indiana Work Injury Lawyer - Golitko & Daly - Indianapolis and Kokomo Offices - We GO TO WORK when you can't.

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    About a month ago my Lawyer said we need a witness and we were told by WC that the two guys that saw it, told them that I didnt do it. I talked to one of them and he said he never talked to WC and now he is a witness for me. I called my Lawyer about two weeks ago just to see what was going on and he said it will be probably until the fall before we hear from the WC. My Lawyer contacts WC and tells them that we have a witness and its one of the men that you say that said my client didnt do it. He calls me last week and said WC wants to do a deposition. Kind of funny how they say that the men that I say that saw it, denied it and now I got one of them as a witness and now they want a deposition. Is WC always like this?

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    My Lawyer said I did real good at the deposition and they agreed to let me see a doctor. Finally some relief.

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    Its now November 15th, a whole 1 1/2 -2 months after the deposition. WC calls my Lawyer about 2 weeks ago and wants us to bring an offer to the table. I went to the ER the other day because the pain in my shoulder was to painful. X-rays shows arthritis is setting in. I cant believe the injury started 9/25/2011 and still not one thing has been done to my shoulder but pain pills prescribed. Indiana WC sucks.

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