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    Default Wages Covered for Temporary Lost Time Due to Workers Comp Covered Surgery

    I have had a workers comp case for awhile now - tendonitis in a wrist. My last visit was a cortisone shot from the hand surgeon who said if the issues returned once that wore off - surgery would be the next step. Shot has worn off and issues returned. I have a follow up dr's appt. to discuss surgery. All of my OT appt's and Dr's appt's regarding this - have been completed durring work time - so I've been pd 100% salary for those "lost work" times... (never more than a few hrs at a time lost)

    My question/concern is -- I've tried reading on the website - regarding wages pd for lost time... and all I"m finding sounds likes they only have to pay me 80% of my AFTER-TAX salary... and then I still pay taxes.... so basically I wind up only getting around 1/2 my normal pay check... Is this only for long term/permanent loss of work? Or if I'm only out 2-3 weeks after the surgery... will I continue to get my full regular paycheck? Or will I only receive the 80% of my AFTER-TAX salary - with taxes then deducted yadda yadda....?

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    Default Re: Wages Covered for Temporary Lost Time Due to Workers Comp Covered Surgery

    workers comp disability payments are not taxed.
    there is a maximum weekly payment and a waiting period depending on your date of injury.

    you will recieve 80% of your after tax wages subject to the maximum.

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