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    Default Can I Relocate While Receiving Vt WC

    Hello! I'm wondering if anyone knows if I can relocate to a warmer climate, out of state, and still receive my Vermont workmans comp? I was injured in July, 2010 while caring for my mother who had alzheimer's. Four back surgeries later, I'm dreading winter. Both parents have passed in the last year and I just need to move on with my life, out of Vermont!

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    Default Re: Can I Relocate While Receiving Vt WC

    You can live anywhere you choose. Sometimes workers relocate because of a spouse’s job opportunities. Sometimes it is a weather related choice (less rain, anyone?) Sometimes it is a desire or need to be with family. The bottom line is you can move whenever you want, for whatever reason. Your claim will not be closed, if you are entitled to benefits they will continue.
    This is a Washington link but is universal and gives you a good idea of what to expect.

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    Default Re: Can I Relocate While Receiving Vt WC

    You didn't provide the status of your claim... if you are still actively treating, it may be difficult to find a Dr to agree to VT WC reporting rules, and/or prior authoirzation process.

    Out of state Dr are not subject to VT law, and while most may cooperate, they have enough difficulty handling their own state mandate... there is no additional money paid for dealing with your/VT comp process. Check before you relocate with some Dr...
    Good luck to you.

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