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    Unhappy How Do I Pay My Bills Since I Cant Work

    I am a single young woman with no kids and no roommates. I have been off work for about 3 weeks now and im getting really stressed for money. My bills are starting to pile up and I have no savings account or saved moneys to dip into. Ive never had an injury from work and never dealt with WC.

    What do workers do for money when they cant work due to a work related injury?

    My claim for WC has not even been approved yet.

    How do injuried employees with a WC cliam manage their bills with no income?

    I dont have very much but what i do have Ive worked very hard for.
    Im just really worried that this injury from work will cause me to loose everything Ive been working for.
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    Default Re: How Do I Pay My Bills Since I Cant Work

    Quote Quoting east2408_tina View Post
    I am a single young woman with no kids ......
    Probably fortunate there, considering the circumstances ......

    ........and no roommates.
    .......maybe not so fortunate in that regard, though.

    I have been off work for about 3 weeks now......
    You will become eligible for SL (scheduled loss) benefits at the rate of 72% of your full weekly wages starting on the 8th day. You have to be out of work for 7 days to be eligible for the benefits.

    You may want to start here:

    Immediately after receiving the First Report of Injury, OBWC (Ohio Board of Workers' Compensation) begins the process of gathering information and investigating the claim. A decision will be made to allow or deny the claim within 28 days.

    It appears you have another week to wait and stress over this. Try to relax, as when (if) your claim is allowed, you would receive the SL benefits, back-dated to the date of injury.

    Go here:

    Set up an account, and you can track the progress of your claim using your SS number.
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    Default Re: How Do I Pay My Bills Since I Cant Work

    You're leaving yourself wide open by living check to check, there are other disasters that could leave you in the same position.
    I know it's easy to say in today's world but you should always save something out of every check (even five bucks) to carry you in dry times.

    When your claim is approved, you will receive back pay to bring you current.
    If you think your claim will be contested, consult a lawyer immediately, time is of essence.

    For now, you'll have to borrow money or apply for state aid if you are in an emergency situation.

    Take Care
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    Default Re: How Do I Pay My Bills Since I Cant Work

    This is a tough situation to be in. I know , I am single and have just my own income and my own resources. When you do start getting your WC be smart and put some of it aside. If your case is serious and goes on for a while, ( depending on your injury ) you will have dry times in the future while waiting for appeals or are MMI'd etc. Each time there will be dry spells. WC is a waiting game. In the meantime, go to your local deptartment of family services and apply for food stamps, go to your local agency that does Home Energy Assistance and apply for those. Energy assistance will help with electric and heat esp in the Winter and if you get a disconnect notice they will stop that from happening. Do that now as they will go by the date you called to make a appointment. If you pay rent or have a mortgage payment due, try places like the Salvation Army etc. Sometimes they have emergency funds available to help. The good news is that if your case is approved you will get all that is coming soon.

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    Default Re: How Do I Pay My Bills Since I Cant Work

    I was in the same situation as you are it takes awhile to get things going before you get the first check however as the others has said tt dont last forever even after you are approved and recieve your back pay wc will send you for a ime within 90 days and most likely will find you to be mmi depending on your injury and plan of treatment. the home energy assistance program can help with disconnect notices however that is one time during the winter months. Salvation Army will help one time rent assistance in your situation not having any children and being single job and family services will be able to help you with some food stamps possibly but with having no children it will $115 a month in assistance check and up to $200 in food stamps depending on your location in the state. I have dealt with this a long time and believe me when I say wc dont care whether you have an income or lose everything you have they move at a snails pace when it comes to something being in your favor and at lightening speed when its not in your favor. GL if you need to talk just pm me and i will try to help as much as i can.

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