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    Default Contract Employee Facing Union Book Black Listing Due to Injury

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Alaska

    Hi, I work for a company who gets their employees from the "contractor union hall"... I am a journeyman on the union books. However, even though "contractor" is commonly considered temporary, we are called out to work for a local company as BAU workers performing normal jobs. One of the guy's has been a "contractor" there for 5 years strait, I was there 2 years strait, and another has been there for 3 years strait... The guy filling my position has been there the whole 8 months I've been gone. So it's really not a temporary job.

    The problem is this, I have seen before when they wanted to get rid of someone in our group, they would simply do a total lay off, putting every one of us back on the books at for instance Christmas time, then on the 1st, they would call the union hall and request a very unique, special, skill that each of us that had been there a long time possessed so they could ensure they got us back, skipping over others ahead of us on the books and not calling that one guy they wanted back out.

    So here's my problem, before this injury, I was the owner’s favorite; he was talking about how I would someday be running the place and hanging out... Now, I'm hearing because he thinks I have been on WC to long, that it's not a big deal to just pull a surprise layoff, and then just make sure he doesn’t call me back. There’s only two companies who call us out, and they are more friends than competitors, they both interact a lot sharing labor, so that means the other company will follow his lead, so I'm going to get screwed when I go back to work.

    Is there any way to avoid this? Can I do something to make them keep me long enough to regain their respect?

    Please help :-)

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    Default Re: Contract Employee Facing Union Book Black Listing Due to Injury

    No. And..if you are classified as "contract"... you are technically "self employed" ER 'owes" you any consideration.
    You can never "make" anyone do anything they dont' want to do.

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