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    Default Employers Coverage Requirements - Small Business

    I recently needed to get a couple stitches after an on-the-job accident and am unsure how the law applies to small businesses. The firm I'm with is very small - 4 full time employees, 2 part time and one contractor and I know that some smaller firms aren't required in some states to cover payments in full. The total out of pocket expense on my part so far is less than $100 (urgent care center insurance co-pay) so it isn't a huge claim, I would however like to keep my money rather than pay it out of pocket.

    I tried looking through the state's page and didn't have much luck.


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    Default Re: Employers Coverage Requirements - Small Business

    Due to the complexity of the claims process, most injured workers hire an attorney to file a workers' compensation claim for them. Nevertheless, employees may choose to represent themselves, but they will be held to the same standards as attorneys who present workers' compensation claims. The Department of Workers' Claims provides specialists/ombudsman to assist a claimant who is not assisted by an attorney in completing the claims forms and in gathering information needed for a claim. However, these specialists cannot act as a person's legal representative, but they can certainly be quite helpful.

    You can reach an specialist/ombudsman by e-mail at or you can call them at 800-554-8601.
    I know that some smaller firms aren't required in some states to cover payments in full.
    KY isn't one of those states...unless there is an exception where the ER is engaged in agriculture...
    Begin reading on pg 10 here...

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    Default Re: Employers Coverage Requirements - Small Business

    better resource is here:
    "Employers with one or more workers are required to maintain coverage. There are no exceptions for family member employees, temporary, or part time employees.

    file a claim.

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