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    Default Tips for DC Injured Workers

    1. Never mail a document to the DC OWC , CRB or the Hearings section.
    2. Always walk the document in and get it date stamped.
    3. File all documents by the due date. They will deny your claim even if you file it on the due date, but in the wrong office.
    4. Qoute all relevant cases previously ruled on by the ALJ assigned to your case.
    5. Qoute all relevant cases from the DC Court of appeals. You can get this from the courts website.
    6. DC law( dc code of municipal regulations title 7 section 205) OBLIGATES the staff at the office to help you with your claim whan you ask for help. So use the law to your advantage.

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    Default Re: Tips for DC Injured Workers

    DC OWC Medical Travel Mileage reimbursements are now correctly based on Federal GSA rates. This should have been the case for the last twenty years, but they short changed workers. ( private sector only). The rates can be found at The rates change at least once a year, so check before you file your claim.

    You can file a Motion for a default order with penalties against the employer of they fail to reimburse you the full amount of your expenses. File the default order at the AHD.

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