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    I had a fall at work in January 2011. In April I had rotator cuff surgery and never took. The insurance company took 3 months to finally send me to a different doctor and had a Total Shoulder Replacement in October. Does anybody know how the disability rating work since I had two surgeries and also a total shoulder replacement? It still is not right but am waiting till therapy is done. I know there is a disability rating but what about 2 different surgeries and a replacement. I also have a 10 inch scare? Thanks for your help.

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    The type of injury, nor the amount treatment is used in determined PPD indemnity benefits. PPD/impairment benefits are generally based on % of PD determined once you are stable/MMI has been reached.

    That said... need to know which state jurisdiction you are under ...MO or KS... makes a difference.

    Try to stay in one thread... one state. WC is state specific.

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    you need a disability rating from a physician.
    the amount of disability benefits is in proportion to your impairment rating.

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    Increasing settlement amounts based on multiple surgeries, scarring, and graduated surgical procedures would apply to a Personal Injury case, but not to WC. WC is a benefits delivery system with limitations on compensation, whereas a PI case goes as deep as the pockets do.

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