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    Default Workplace Shoulder Injury

    My husband got hurt almost a year ago at his job. They thought it was a torn rotators cuff at first, then a sprain, now they don't know. He's having an MRI with dye finally today. Anyway the pain in his shoulder is so bad he wakes up all night long and although he doesn't know it, I hear him cry. My husband is a tough guy with a huge pain I'm getting desperate to get him better help. I'm so tired of them pumping him with pain killers that don't work, not getting physical therapy approved on time (they start it for a few weeks then stop for over a month waiting on approval each time), and bad pay checks.

    What do I need to know about AZ workers comp, what should I be doing to protect us? He is still working because the doctors haven't written him out of work AND we need his paychecks. Thank you so much in advance!

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    Default Re: Trying to Help My Husband

    he should request a second opinion or a change of physicians.
    he can find out more about work comp in Arizona here

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    Default Re: Trying to Help My Husband

    What do I need to know about AZ workers comp, what should I be doing to protect us?
    Have you talked to a WC attorney ? There is no fee for consult, and a fee would only be awarded on benefits secured by the atty.
    That is in your best interests...

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    Default Re: Workplace Shoulder Injury

    I have recently been jerked around by the CORE Institute for about 4 months and their end result is just plain old therapy. I knew that there was something still very wrong about my injury and didn't feel it should take this long to fix. I decided to change doctors, with the permission of workers' compensation, and recently went to Dr. Ripple in Glendale. I will be going into surgery in the next couple of weeks to reconnect the ligaments in my thumb (that the doctor at CORE said was just scar tissue) and to have my shoulder manipulated (due to it becoming frozen). You have a right to change doctors and to be compensated for mileage if the closest doctor is over 35 miles from your home. If you choose to go to a doctor that is farther, then you cannot be compensated for mileage. I did not have ripping or tearing of my shoulder, but my injury did cause bursitis and tendonitis (tendonitis is multiple microscopic tears in the tendon) which causes swelling of both the tendon and bursae. They rub on each other, which causes the extreme pain and does wake me from sleep. Since going to Dr. Ripple, I feel a relief that I haven't had in the past 5 months since my injury. It is very bad that they keep giving him pain pills, as he can become addicted to them. He needs to get permission from workers' comp to get in to another doctor. I don't know where you live, but if Glendale is not too far, Dr. Ripple is the one you want to see.
    The following link is for the State of Arizona workers' compensation web page that I recently discovered. It will give you all the information and documents you need for your claim. Click on this link to take you to the page:
    A friend of mine is also getting the run around from her doctors. She had three rotators cuff tears and they have waited so long to do something that the tears have healed. I referred her to Dr. Ripple also. If you feel the need to contact me, I have given the option of members to email me and I can explain more through an email.

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