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    Default Second Shoulder Surgery

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Pa. I was injured 3/11 and went thru months of therapy with no improvement. The IC never bulked at the claim. From the very beginning the Dr. talked about shoulder replacement surgery but he also thought I was to young @48. They tried scoping it and cleaning it out which a little but not as much as he had hoped. I still have a limited range but for the most part the everyday pain is gone. The pain only comes when you move it wrong. They are recommending replacement surgery now and telling I need a second opinion just for my well being and understanding of what the outcome may be. My question is: Am I obligated by law to have the replacement surgery. Will refusing the replacement surgery affect my claim. If I was to young 6 months ago, why is it ok now? The surgery has already been approved by the IC. It has pretty much already been established that getting the surgery will not make a difference in my returning back to my job bevause of the lifting restrictions. Also can anyone on here give me the name of w/c attorney who is a pitt bull. With my employer, I will need one who is not a quick settlement artist. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    No one can force you to have any surgery you don't want...or any other treatment.
    Yes... your claim will probably move to some type of resolution... denying treatment is ok... there may be other benefits you are eligible for if you cannot return to your pre injury job.

    Be a good idea to post in the PA forum... WC is state specific, and you'd receive more relevant response.
    There is a great WC attorney here... Tim Belt... he'll be along soon, but start the threat in PA.

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    Default Re: Second Shoulder Surgery

    Thank you for your help.

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