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    Default Shoulder Replacement Surgery

    I was injured 3/11 and my company nor the IC has not denied the injury(2 witnesses). After months of PT the Dr. decided it was time for surgery. From the beginning he had talked about shoulder replacement. But he also stated I was to young(48), so after some discussion we tried scoping it first to see how it would go. He did this trying to get me a couple more years before the replacement. The surgery didn't work. Now they are talking about replacement again. My question is: I know I can refuse the surgery, but what affect will it have on my claim? Right now I am pretty much pain free(unless moved wrong), I do have alot of restrictions. Even with the replacement surgery it has pretty much been decided that due to the weight limits in my job, I still will not be able to return to work. The IC wants me to have a second opinion even after the replacement surgery has been approved. They tell me its for my best interest(lol). If anyone can steer me towards an attorney with a pit bull mentallity, it would sure be appreciated. I do not want a quick settlement type, their are alot of other questions in regards to this case that I am trying to research, but I also know the time will come when the fight really begins. I am also a union member if that makes any difference. Thank you in advance for all your help.

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    Default Re: Shoulder Replacement Surgery

    First, in regard to the surgery, if the procedure has a high likelihood of increasing your ability to work and a relatively low level of risk, you have the choice of having it done or facing the possible suspension of your wage loss benefits.

    In regard to your other question, I am an attorney in PA, and I have an ongoing relationship with several unions, so I am familiar with issues involving union members. Solicitation is prohibited on this forum, but I would be happy to talk to you off forum. Please feel free to contact me privately.
    Timothy D. Belt, Esquire
    Helping injured workers in Northeast Pennsylvania.

    DISCLAIMER: This post is intended as general information applicable only to the state of Pennsylvania. The information given is based strictly upon the facts provided. This post is not intended to create an attorney client relationship, or to provide any specific guarantee of confidentiality.

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