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    Default Re: When Can I Settle

    This forum is to provide support and advice, it is not to bad mouth each other. The insurance companies hire surveillance people and doctors to bad mouth injured workers, and they have it covered without the injured workers turning on each other.
    Timothy D. Belt, Esquire
    Helping injured workers in Northeast Pennsylvania.

    DISCLAIMER: This post is intended as general information applicable only to the state of Pennsylvania. The information given is based strictly upon the facts provided. This post is not intended to create an attorney client relationship, or to provide any specific guarantee of confidentiality.

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    People, please be careful of your fusions! It is a known fact that the vertebrae above and below an arthrodesis, wear out.
    That is one reason doctors now use spine stabilization hardware, pedicle screws and cable etc., instead. I have a fusion with a dynamically shifting vertebrae above it and I sincerely wish I hadn't done lifting afterwards even though I felt great after my fusion. I hurt all the time now and have trouble standing and walking for any duration.

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