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    Default Permanent Partial Disablity and Unemployment

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: CT I started receiving Workman's Comp in October 2010 after serious rotor cuff surgery. In October 2011 I received a letter statting that I was rated 16% PPD and would receive benefits until June 2012. Am I eligible to receive Unemployment benefits now or after June 2012. I was laid off prior to surgery in 2010 but company paid for WC after 8 weeks because they gave me severence pay. All help in this matter is appreciated

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    Default Re: Permanent Partial Disablity and Unemployment

    You'll have to file for the UI, and see what the state says.
    UI and WC are not related, or dependant upon one another. Each state has it's own rules for UI. Generally you must have qualifying wages in your base period to calculate benefits on. If you haven't worked for a year or longer, there may not be a base period.

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