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    Default When is First Check Coming

    hello my name is red and im a married father of 4 girls, wait it gets worse, i have been a carpenter for 15 yrs without a single injury until the 2nd of jan this year when i almost cut my hand of with a circular saw, it was the worst injury i have ever had and im scared i will not regain the use of my right hand as i am right handed. my wife doesnt work and im the only income in the house hold. it has been 15 days now and my adjuster said my claim is accepted but he hasnt even mailed the check yet and grocerys are running out, when should i expect my first check? i do plan to retrn to work soon as i can me and my boss talk every other day and are friends, is there a time period that they have to send it? i live in michigan thank you

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    Spend some time reading about the WC system -in MI...
    There is a waiting period where benefits are not paid... you have to be off 7 days...your TTD will begin on the eighth. Those checks generally begin 2 weeks after that, and every 2 weeks thereafter. If you are off 2 weeks or longer, those TTD benefits are picked up from the first day of wage loss.
    When and for how long are benefits paid?

    Section 311 of the Act provides that no compensation is paid for an injury which does not last for at least one week. If the disability lasts beyond one week, the worker is entitled to benefits as of the eighth day after the injury. If a disability continues for two weeks or longer, then the worker is entitled to be paid compensation for the first week of disability.

    Benefits continue so long as the worker is disabled. This could be for the rest of his or her life. Benefits are reduced 5 percent each year beginning with the year of the worker's 65th birthday. This reduction continues until the worker is 75 years of age. At that time benefits have been reduced to 50 percent. They continue at that level for the rest of his or her life. (This 5 percent reduction only applies if the worker is receiving social security benefits and is not subject to coordination.)

    More FAQ's are here,4682,7...10---F,00.html
    If you need additional help with your claim, you should consult with a WC attorney...there is no fee for this.

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    thank you for answering my questions, im not the smartest guy around and do not understand most of this. im so scared im gonna loose three fingers cause they are turning dark. the vascular surgion said he was gonna take out a artery or vein from my leg and fix my hand and he even shaved my leg but all he did was tie off the cut one cause he said he had to vleave for an emergency. i know my hand wont ever be right. very depressing as i am a carpenter and really need it. will the insurance company give me a settlement for my hand or will i just get a few checks till i can return to work? also my boss said he wants me back as soon as possible but he wants to supplement my pay meaning i wont get paid as much as i was, is this legal? im not one to sue or anything i enjoy working and wish this never happened, my comp agent already issued my first check he said so im just waiting on that. couldnt have happeened at a worse time as im still trying to recover from christmas with 4 kids lol, again thanks for any advice and im glad i found this forum so i can chat with others in same situation. i sure hope i can put some miles on my old beatup shovelhead this summer . thanks red

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