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    Default Work Comp Not Providing Prompt Responses to Doctor's Orders

    My husband's work comp injury took place in the state of Kansas.

    Repeatedly my husband's doctors have faxed their orders to the work comp provider and it has taken them up to 6 weeks to even schedule an appointment for my husband. Is there any law that states that work comp providers have to respond to doctor's orders in a "prompt and timely" manner?

    The supervisor of the case manager has even told me that the case manager "dropped the ball and did not follow up or follow through" when it came to her scheduling appointments for my husband.

    My emails and phone calls all go virtually unanswered. Only when I get the supervisor involved do I seem to get any results and that is usually after hounding the case manager for weeks to try and find out when an appointment will be made with whatever specialist my husband needs to see.

    This has gotten to be extremely frustrating and it occupies a great deal of time to keep "babysitting" the case manager and telling her that she needs to do her job. If I performed my job the way she does I'd have been out on the street a LONG time ago.

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    Default Re: Work Comp Not Providing Prompt Responses to Doctor's Orders

    Get your attorney involved. You aren't getting anywhere with the claims adjuster basically because you are not a party to the claim. They don't have to respond to you.
    The Dr office should be after them for the prior authorization.

    There is medical info here, in the KS WC Act... page 28.
    Don't know that there is a statutory Utilization Review process for prior authorization...

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    Default Re: Work Comp Not Providing Prompt Responses to Doctor's Orders

    Get a lawyer, work comp has 30 days to respond. Then your lawyer has to intervene. You will be looking at 25% of any possible settlement going to your lawyer. I was injured June of 2010 at work, I had surgery December 2011, I just got released to return to work under restriction, but I'm also looking at 4 months PT, I just want to go back to work. But because it took a year and half to get to the surgery I have lost my job and any prospects in the field I am most qualified to work.

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    Default Re: Work Comp Not Providing Prompt Responses to Doctor's Orders

    My husband and I did recently secure an attorney to represent my husband. He told us that once attorneys get involved usually the process moves more swiftly. I hope he is right and I agree with the above that since he will be getting his 25% now would be a good time for him to start earning that money!!!
    Thank you for your insight and suggestions, it is nice to know that somebody knows what we are going through!!!

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