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    Default Industrial Disability Retirement

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: CA

    I have gone through surgery and have two WC Claims that will be combined. I work for the state in Law Enforcement and am a Calpers member. My questions are, is there longevity pay figured into the calculation. I know it is 50% tax free of you salary. I know calpers figures your age and calculates until your benefit factor would start as if you continues to work and collect retirement. Mine is 3.0 @50. So would anticipated raises (longevity) be calculated into the total benefit? Also if I get an overall rating of 70% is there an additioal benefit of $700 per month. Also if awarded any settlement from WC for my injuries how long are those paid out for? Also can it be argued that I was going to do 30 total years that would have given me 90% at 55.. or do they just calculate up until you were of age to retire

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    Default Re: Industrial Disability Retirement

    You need to sit down with a CALPERS rep and get your answers to these questions... CALPERS is unique as is any State Retirement System.... very few responderes here are familiar with the specifics you are asking about. If any...

    Or, get with a union rep... they should have people who can help you with your questions.

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    Default Re: Industrial Disability Retirement

    found out it is 50% tax free from cal pers of you estimated benefit factor when I reach 50. which is 3.o% of my salary based on 25 years of service if I medically retire. Which would be about $3650 per mont tax free on the medical retirement. I also found out that if you are rated 70% or more from workers comp as for the disability you get an addition $1000 a month from workers comp for life...

    so if I was to get just a rating on my injury and work the other 9 years until I reach retirement and get an estimated $5200 per month for my cal pers retirement and say I am 30% disabled as far as the rating from workers comp, cal pers will take 30% out of the $5200 which equals $1500 tax free and mail to you seperate then I would be taxed on the remaining retirement of $3600. Thats the benefit of the workers comp rating in a regulare retirement.
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